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3 Important Seasonal Crop for High Income

Seasonal crops tend to yield high incomes during particular time frames of the year due to the increased demand for them. Seasonal crops are referred to those which are harvested during varying times of the year due to their specific weather requirements for growth.

India’s weather is dynamic over the year, and we are here to tell you which seasonal crops to plant at what time for maximum output and increased income.

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Seasonal Crop – Rabi

Rabi Crops are those which are referred to as the winter season crop within India. Rabi is planted within October and is harvested during the spring season annually; March.

Rabi crops are harvested using irrigation due to the monsoon season being over by the time the harvesting starts.

The most crucial Rabi crops which are predominantly in high demand are; Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Sesame, and Peas.


Seasonal Crop – Kharif

Khatif crops are inclusive of; Millets, Cotton, SoyaBean, Sugarcane, Paddy, Pulses, Red Chillies, and Rice. Rice is one of the most profitable crops in India due to its extensive demand. Rice in itself covers over one-third of the total cultivated area of the country. It feeds more than half of the Indian population. Rice is found in almost all states, and top three producers of rice are West Bengal, Punjab, and UP.
India is in fact, the second largest producer of rice globally, after China.

These kharif crops are known as the summer or monsoon crops of India. The period of cultivation for these lasts from June to September.


Zaid Crops –

Zaid crops are Watermelon, muskmelon, bitter gourd, etc. Zaid crops are grown in certain parts of the nation from March to June. Zaid crops are grown on irrigated lands, and hence do not require monsoon seasons.


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