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4 Basic Reasons To Farm With Modern Technology.

In the present day, you can farm with modern technology and attain greater yield due to improved aspects of genetically engineered agriculture.

Technology in agricultural activities has led to an increase of pest resistance within the land, increased crop yields, harvesting, a vast reduction of the need of human labour, and has also reduced wastage.

Cutting edge technologies particularly harness their focus on robotics, artificial intelligence, block chain technologies, and precision agriculture. This improves the quality of your land and also the quality of the produce.


Some technological advancements that have bettered farm agriculture are;


(i) There is improved productivity from the mechanisation of agriculture.

(ii) Agricultural activities are better regulated due to climate predictions; this enables better planning for the execution of tasks; this is only possible through technological advancements.

(iii) Biotechnology has lead to the development of higher resilient crops; genetic engineering has developed microorganisms that increase the resistance towards pests and unwanted insects.

(iv) There is a vast increase in the yields and
asset management that roots from the usage from large data.


Certain farm mechanisation assistants are drills, solar sprayers, and even paddy threshers. These instruments that are used to facilitate higher yields are more versatile crops in the farmland. They make farming easier and are also easy to use.

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