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7 Different Styles of Farmhouse; Choose Your Magic Farmland Pick!

Though farmhouses of any kind are magnificent and suitable in their own ways, we’re here to tell you that you’ve got a wide range of styles to pick from when it comes to designing your own farmhouse!

Raining from French to Scandinavian, Rustic to Modern, you’d be shocked to see the variety to choose from.

Browse through the following types and pick your inspiration for construction!

Farmhouse Designs.

Rustic ones bring about a combination of handicraft, distressed woods, opening shelves, and decor that is subtle yet a statement in itself.  Effortless yet sophisticated, if that’s your vibe, then the rustic design is perfect for you.


Scandinavian ones are modern, but tinted with rustic elements. If you enjoy trendy with a hint of antique, then you know what to pick.

French Farmhouses are the latest grab; marble, cool greys, warm hardwood flooring, everything that screams provincial style. Though we’re from far Europe, it wouldn’t be so hard to replicate your favourite French designs!

Modern ones emphasise on a contemporary look paired with the everlasting farmhouse style. Simplicity, neutrality, and comfort all wrapped in one.


Colonial ones are a perfect indication of class and impeccable taste; colonial grid windows, cabinet doors, brick fireplaces, and a natural colour scheme.

Perfection redefined!

Industrial ones are for those of you who enjoy a country stay, but want it to feel more like your urban dwelling. Farmhouses at heart, with a touch of inspired city house accessories.

The last, but certainly not the least, is the Traditional one. Traditional designs stem from the root of farmhouse construction, they honour the history of them and are also a reflection of the same. If you’d like a farmland dwelling experience that takes you back to our roots, design your country house in a traditional manner.


Now that you’ve gotten enough inspiration for styles, why not put the plan in action and look for some farmland to construct it on? Purchase agricultural land today, and build your dream farmland living.

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