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Experience a seamless and convenient booking process, where your journey to owning a piece of paradise begins effortlessly.

106% Hike in Past Year

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Witness exceptional growth with a remarkable 106% increase in value, making GreenLakes an ideal investment choice.

Clear land title

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Immerse yourself in a Rest assured untouched beauty with a clear land title, guaranteeing the authenticity and legality of your ownership.

Award winning farmland

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GreenLakes, an award-winning farmland honored by Economic Times and SDG 15 for its sustainability and the most emerging farmland.

20+ Amenities


Indulge in a world of luxury and convenience with our wide range of amenities, designed to enhance your lifestyle and happiness.

CCTV Surveillance

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Your safety is our top priority. Our advanced CCTV surveillance system ensures round-the-clock monitoring and protection.

Welcome to Greenlakes

Imagine a place where you can wake up to the sound of birdsong and the smell of fresh air. A place where you can relax in the shade of a mango tree or take a walk in a jamun tunnel. A place where you can grow your own food and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

That’s Greenlakes, a gated community farmland project where nature meets luxury. With its own waterbody, clubhouse, and a happy community.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself why Greenlakes is the perfect place to invest.

India's First Blockchain Based Farmland.

Unlock the potential of secure and tamper-proof documentation. Our blockchain-powered platform ensures the integrity and immutability of your farmland documents. Embrace the convenience of seamless transactions, streamlined record-keeping, and hassle-free ownership transfers. Click here to experience the future of documentation.

where innovation meets farmland. We take immense pride in being India’s first-ever blockchain-based farmland project. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we have transformed the way we document, construct farmhouses, and engage in farming activities.

Join us in revolutionizing farming practices through blockchain technology. Experience a new era of traceability, where you can trace the journey of your produce from seed to table. Witness sustainable farming practices, enhanced productivity, and a community-driven ecosystem that uplifts and empowers farmers


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Roshani Yadav
Roshani Yadav2 reviews
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Having heard of their concepts, I went down to see how well they run their farms and was surprised at how well they run their farms were run. As of now, I’ve planned to invest and I am excited to anticipate and benefit from greater returns.
Avindra Tulsi
Avindra Tulsi6 reviews
Read More
This is a must place for NATURE LOVERS. You will be lost in Nature. Apparently there are more than 20000 Trees and over 35 Varieties of fruits. The interaction with the team has been positive so far. I am keenly looking forward to buying a green plot here.
Roshani Yadav
Roshani Yadav1 review
Read More
I was looking into managed community farm lands and I wanted amenities suitable for my family such that i could enjoy at the weekend. I finally got it right with Green Lake's. Thank you team for building such an amazing agricultural farming environment.I have to appreciate the smoothness of registration process as well as Hazel free maintenance of the land. Keep it up.
Sanmitra Bhosle
Sanmitra Bhosle1 review
Read More
Great experience. Enjoy lot. It's a truly amazing farm, and it has pretty fancy facilities—an excellent opportunity to learn about farming in conjunction with a brilliant weekend trip plan. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! We've waited patiently long enough to buy land in Greenlakes, so we are very eager to begin farming.
Kavindra Rawat
Kavindra Rawat7 reviews
Read More
Just amazing! Mr Almas and his team is phenomenal. They have a dedicated team to make sure you have all required documents for legal verification and they always respond quickly. Mr Almas is always reachable and ready to help, he is a true gentleman. The team is sincere and dedicated towards their customer, which is difficult to find in real state business. I wish this team a great success ahead.
Ghanshyam Pareekh
Ghanshyam Pareekh5 reviews
Read More
After 8months of our research and after multiple visits to different farms around the City. we came across greenlakes Farmlands and when we visited this place itv was love at first sight. Itv may sound cliche but we decided if we ever want to build a second home and spend our holidays it has to be greenlakes. The booking process was very smooth and since it was our first agri land purchase, they were very patient with us. we took a good time for legal verification we wanted to be very sure. We are very thrilled to be building our quit little space here in the middle of Nature. Thanks to Almas and his team for the cooperation.
Ramesh V
Ramesh V11 reviews
Read More
Best and most trusted people, booked one plot last week after two years of hunt in and around Bangalore, property has lot of greenery and close to Bangalore i recommend these people without second thought .Mr. Almas CEO justifies his name (Diamond),Mr.Ravi marketing person is simply superb, based on my suggestion one of my friend is also booking plot shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might ask about our sevice.

The Green Lakes Farmhouse is located on the Bangalore Doddaballapur- Hosahalli Road, which is approximately an hour drive from Bangalore palace.

The perks of owning a managed farmland are numerous; you get long term returns from fruit yield and timber, a weekend home for yourself, and the returns from the appreciated value of the land. 

Yes, Now anybody can purchase agricultural land in Karnataka. Govt of Karnataka has removed section 79A, 79B, which restricted non-farmers from buying agricultural land. 

The minimum area of the plot will be 10 Guntas ( 10890sqft) or a quarter acre.

The farmland is surrounded by many water sources; lakes and water streams. The entire stretch of land has water streams and a good ground water table. The bore well acts as the source of water for the farming and domestic uses.

Once you decide to buy a particular plot, we charge 10% of the total amount as booking fee/charge. After that we give you 35-day time to register the property. Meanwhile we apply for 11E, which may take up to two weeks.

Whilst you stay in your cottages, Green Lakes will facilitate all secure measures with a 24/7 operation setup, with all security.

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