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Elevate Your Greenlakes Experience
with Enriching Add-Ons

Elevate Your Greenlakes Experience
with Enriching Add-Ons

At Greenlakes, we’re committed to curating an experience that touches your heart and rejuvenates your spirit. Our special add-ons are designed to bring even more magic to your stay, making every moment brim with joy, connection, and self-discovery.

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Experience the Greenlakes Essence

Step into a world where nature’s embrace meets curated excellence. At Greenlakes, we invite you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey that redefines tranquility. Our carefully crafted experiences offer a glimpse into the unique harmony we’ve cultivated between natural serenity and modern comfort. From farm-to-table dining to guided plantation tours, each encounter resonates with the spirit of Greenlakes – a haven of pure delight and connection. Discover the joy of being a part of our community, where every moment is a chance to create memories that linger in your heart forever.


Elevate Your Experience. Embrace Community. Enrich Your Life.

Enhance Your Comfort and Enjoyment

Clubhouse- green theory

Where Community and Comfort Converge.
Discover a haven of relaxation and connection at Greenlakes Clubhouse. Nestled amidst the beauty of nature, our clubhouse offers a space to unwind, socialize, and create cherished memories. From engaging events to scenic views, it’s a place where you can find solace and joy. Join us and embrace the spirit of togetherness at Green Theory!


Elevate Your Adventure. Embrace Nature. Enrich Your Soul.

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What’s inside a clubhouse?


Tree House

Swimming pond

Yoga Space


Outdoor Seating

Vegetable Garden

Multiuse Hall


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Farm Maintenance

Your Oasis of Growth

Imagine your farm thriving under our meticulous care. Our dedicated team tends to every detail, ensuring your crops flourish with abundant vitality.

Yearly Maintenance at ₹2.50/sqft: Yes, you read that right. For the equivalent of a mere ₹2.50 per square foot, you can relish the bounties of our meticulous care. We manage your farm so you can savor its rewards effortlessly.

Cultivate Connection with Nature

EXPLORE world around greenlakes

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