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Farm House

We at Greenlakes believe in providing the best of our services to our customers. We intend to take care of you to the greatest of our ability and provide you with affordable offers to assist you in building your dream farmhouse. But don’t worry! During the construction process, you can enjoy a stay at one of our commute beautifully built cottages, indulge in your share of nature.


Organic Vegetable Garden

The monthly maintenance charge is affordable, and worth the services provided. You may select fruits as per your likings. This entire area is designed and cultivated in accordance with customer requirements, prior to starting the farm design.


Investment Farming

With some planning and diversification, you can turn your farm into a cash cow and get the most for your money.

Investing in larger green units and cultivating timber like teak, wood, mahogany, Silver will yield excellent returns in few years. It does not have to be limited to agriculture. We encourage and welcome new ideas that align with our vision of happiness and wellness. Bring out your entrepreneurial spirit and join us as we explore ways to multiply the profits from your farm. 

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Farm Maintenance

Not here to maintain your farm, no worries, we will take care of everything; with reasonable cost, greenlakes will help you grow, maintain & sell farm products.

We plant mangoes & Areca trees for our customers as part of the deal, with monthly maintenance of Rs 1.50 paise only.

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Our farmhouse has a wide number of actives for you to enjoy! If you’re a lover of nature, then you’re in for a ride. You may camp, stargaze, go for wishing, do some bird watching, swim in our village pond, and even your pets may enjoy in our pet-friendly environment.

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Stargazing
  • Birdwatching
  • Pet-friendly environment & many more

Near To Us

Police Station
International School
Petrol Pump
Post Office
Provision Store
Stationery Store
Car Service Center

What Our Clients Say

My experience with Greenlakes has been great so far, it’s truly an amazing farm and it has a lot of great facilities. A weekend trip here is educational and productive as well as relaxing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience here! Me and my family are very eager to begin our farming activities here too! This farm is truly unique than all others.
Sanmitra Bhosale
I've always desired to invest in real estate. However, the current situation is somewhat unsettling. As a result, I discovered a more suitable alternative: farmlands. I contacted Greenlakes, their team patiently walked me through the entire process of purchasing farmland. Without a doubt, I believe this is one of the best financial decisions I've made in a long time. I'm genuinely impressed by their professionalism in managing my land, and the overall management of their farmland as a whole.
Raj Singh
I heard of their distinct concepts and decided to visit the farm to see for myself. The management is great and there is a very calming village vibe throughout the farmland. I’ve planned my investment and I’m greatly looking forward to benefit from good returns!
Roshani Yadav
They have experts that regulate the management of the farm, and these people have agricultural skills that are put to use very well on the farms. There is great coordination and cooperation throughout the farming activities. I’d like to thank Greenlakes for their kind assistance and for the fulfilling experience!
Ekta Goyal

Green Lakes is at a comfortable distance from the city. Having farmland that isn’t too far from your area of residence is important as you may want to plan a spontaneous getaway. It is convenient to own land at an easily approachable distance, at max, a couple of hours from your home! 

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