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5 Important reasons to Engage with Nature, Redefine Your Life Today.

Statistics, science, researchers, and a number of studies are witnesses to the fact that humans tend to live life in an increasingly gratifying manner upon engaging with the world outside of their screens. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider investing in farmland and staying more connected with the outdoor world.

(i) Benefits of Connecting Young Children with Nature –

Technological advancements have overshadowed the significance of spending time in nature; in today’s world, young kids remain trapped in the clutches of gadget addiction and electronic engagement, in a manner that is beyond unhealthy.

Now, it’s time for them to break free, what better way to do so than to lure them into the excitement of nature filled adventure?

Video games are thrilling that’s for sure, but not as thrilling as the feeling of discovering a new shaped rock in the grass, or identifying the birds flying above their heads! It’s easier said than done, but the right place can kindle the much needed excitement in children’s minds, and motivate them to spend more time outdoors.

On that note, trust us when we say it, the only right place for these activities are farmlands and farmhouses. Acres of greenery, trees, and nameless natural habitats, all the right locations for your child to uncover the delight of Mother Nature. Buy some farmland, not only for you but also for the benefit of your family. Invest in health today. Break your child’s technology addiction and shape the future generation by moulding your youngster’s mindset towards the planet and all that it has to offer.

(ii)  Statistics Proving How Immersing In Nature Promotes a Beneficial Livelihood-

Statistics strongly reflect upon the fact that connecting with nature strengths our ability to emote freely, and feel more united with our fellow companions. Studies conducted

( experiments using fMRI; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging ) have proven that when participants viewed scenes of nature, the parts of the brain associated with empathy and affection lit up. On the contrary, viewing urban environments triggered feelings of anxiety and fear. Nature in itself promotes healing, unity, and a sense of belongingness. Society as a whole can improve from these feelings as it would lead to a reduction of crime rates, lower levels of violence, and an increased capacity to deal with personal problems. When one inculcates the sense of unity, they automatically become more sensitive to those around them, this leads to more supportiveness and connections. This is the power of nature. This is what farmland has to offer.

(iii) Impacts of Nature on Health –

Whilst nature has a number of impacts on mental health, it also plays a pivotal role in improving one’s physical well-being as well.

When exposed to nature surroundings, individuals tend to feel healthier overall. Blood pressures reduce, heart rates are stabilised, muscle tension is released, and stress hormones are not released due to the feeling of relaxation.

It reduces mortality and improves upon immunity.

What possible reason could one have to deny spending a day outdoors? When you purchase a farmhouse, you have the flexibility to do so any time you do. Spend as many days as you want out in the open, and give your body the nature filled nourishment it truly deserves.



(iv) 120 minutes in Nature a Week –

It has been scientifically verified that spending 2 hours outdoors per week has a multitude of health benefits and also improves our mental stability.

We say, why just 2 hours? Invest in some farmland today and spend as many days you wish outdoors, 120 minutes is just the minimum, but why stop there when you could spend however long you wished out in the open.

This is the flexibility farmland investment provides you with.

( v ) Top 3 Causes of Stress in Today’s World –

Researchers quote that the top 3 causes of stress in today’s world are; Poor Health, Work, and Money.

While living in an environment ruled by monetary value, we are constantly suppressed by the pressure and anxiety to earn and provide for our loved ones. Though the pressure cannot alter, our coping mechanisms certainly can. The prospect of good health and a good life incentivises us to work hard and stretch our boundaries to succeed. A simple way to achieve this is to spend more time outdoors. Perceiving life in a manner filled with gratitude and appreciation boosts our abilities to toil hard.

 Being surrounded by nature reminds us of what we are alive for, and what life is truly about. It also improves upon our health, which in turn improves upon our ability to put more effort into work, which fundamentally leads to an increase in our capability to earn more money and be financially stable.

Quite an interesting domino effect, isn’t it? Buying some agricultural farmland can be your solution to a more fulfilling life.

 Join the farmhouse family today.

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