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Own a Farmland and contribute sustainably to the planet

Global warming is taking its toll on the world steadily, and stealthily. The effects of global warming are detrimental, to say the least, and the efforts we, as a society put in collectively, will define what our tomorrow will look like. Earth day is a day we can use to reminisce how our planet thrived in the previous generations, and the steps that can be taken to restore it to a state of solace and balance. Global warming inadvertently leads to an abrupt increase in temperatures on a worldly scale, and this imbalance in weathercasts a domino effect that results in heatwaves, cyclones, blizzards, and even rainstorms. These incidents are also a result of climate change and are brought on by the adverse reactions that our planet is going through. More often than not, these adversities are in fact a repercussion of human behavior. For example, the rampant enhancements of technologies year after year have shredded negative side effects on our globe, and continue to do so.

As responsible citizens of society and aware habitats of the planet, there are many steps that we can take to diminish our carbon footprint on the globe, and ensure to reduce our share of harm, in the face of all that is being caused.

We take active decisions on a daily basis that have results and outcomes. For example, littering the planet leads to unleashing elements that harm the soil, and cause irreversible damage. Often, the substances being thrown are biodegradable; meaning that over time they dissolve into the earth and do not cause harm. However, more often than not, these littered items are plastics and other materials that do not easily merge with our earth, but rather degrade the quality of our land, and remain littered for years. A trivial step one can take is to minimize their share of littering, and instead make use of trash cans and spread awareness of the importance of not littering, and how each small step people take can collectively make an impact beyond the scope of our understanding.

Apart from these trivial steps that can be taken on a day-to-day basis, we can also take substantially larger steps that reflect upon our initiative to better our planet and contribute to a greener society.

Some steps like these are; owning and nourishing farmland. When we decide to own farmland, we are automatically taking a section of the earth under our wing, and taking an oath to protect and nurture it. This not only benefits the land and the environment surrounding it but also benefits our minds and physical states. Owning farmland replenishes the land, and gives back to the planet that has given us everything.

As a responsible citizens and proud owners of the land, we shed light upon our goodness, and the value we hold for our planet. In a world that is being consistently degraded and diminished in the face of personal benefit, we can take steps to reduce our individual impact. One person’s initiative may not make a difference, but a billion’s people’s worth of initiative as a domino effect of one another is enough to strike change. That change is what our earth needs. So this Earth Day, let’s oath to make the most of it.

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