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Is Modern Lifestyle responsible for the growing number of heart patients?

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In the recent past, a humane obsession with progress and unparalleled growth has caused us to work tirelessly, and often, beyond our levels of comfort. We work with the intention of growing and bettering ourselves, and although this goal may be being achieved at a professional level, at a personal level, we are harming our bodies and minds in ways we cannot even fathom.


The race to satisfaction and feeling content comes at a cost that we believe we are willing to incur, but once the side effects truly kick in, we understand the depths of the repercussions we signed up for. A toll on health is a toll not worth taking, yet more often than not, it is the singular aspect we negate in the bigger picture, striving for success.

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Amongst the numerous diseases overshadowing our lives, the one prevalent and feared disease is a Cardiac disorder. Having eminent cardiovascular health is an unsaid necessity, for reasons as fundamental as ever. Our heart health dictates our quality of life, and sets a path for the activities we can and cannot indulge in.

Having a heart disease often pervades one’s day to day lives, and causes misery in physical and mental aspects. The constant fear of overworking your heart, and the physical agony of breathlessness whilst executing the most basic of tasks overwhelms one, and overrides all other feelings.

Modern lifestyles have undeniably contributed to an increased number of heart patients. Presently, we live to impress ourselves and others. In this process, we put our health at stake, and work for hours without giving our bodies the rest they duly deserve and require in order to remain stable.

Another factor that contributes to poor heart health is excessive stress. The consistent burden of stress and strain upon the mind clouds one’s judgement, and paves way for heart disease. Being constantly stressed means that your BP is high, and this is not a good sign for young, or older people.

In the present day, a majority of victims of heart disease are not necessarily older individuals. Young, working professionals combat this dilemma, due to their strained lifestyles.

The only way to break out of such a pattern is to comprehend the vitality of giving your body the rest it demands, and making space in your life for breaks that fulfill your heart and your mind.

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One such break would be an escape to a farmland or green locality. Lucky for you, Greenlakes is here to serve. Our farmlands give you the getaway you deserve. The crisp oxygen and luscious greens not
only tend to your mind, but also your heart.

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