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2021 Farmland; The Importance of Back to Your Basic Roots.

Over the recent few years, we’ve drifted far from our natural and farmland roots and have learned to adapt to cultures that are not our own. We try to westernize our practices and act in a way that is distinguished from our rooted ethnicity. Instead of modernizing ourselves, let’s try to reconnect with our fundamental base, and establish who we are in the light of it. 


Reasons to head over to farmland.

Urban residence, competent economies, versatile jobs, and even more versatile personalities have us all competing past our strengths. We push boundaries and try to establish ourselves as superior in this race to the top. Our world has become an arena of dominance, and only those who push past others succeed, regardless of who gets trampled in the way. Whilst we can’t alter the working of society and our globe, we can definitely alter our perspectives and behavior. 

This era of modernism has strayed our minds far past peace and happiness. We allow ourselves to constantly feel stressed and paranoid, and we have learned to categorise these feelings as normalcy and we ignore them in the name of hard work. We adapt our mindsets to cope with stress and paranoia, and fabricate our emotions around others so that we seem as normal as the next person.

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It’s time we take a step back from this toxic era of stress, and try to settle ourselves in our roots once again. Urban residents tend to look down upon rural lifestyles but in reality, rural residents have happier lives than we do, due to their connection to nature, farmland and the presence of minimal stress in their lives. 

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They remain in close proximity to our farmland roots and our cultural backgrounds. They have been nurtured in a manner that preaches the appreciation of even the smallest elements, which is why they lead satisfied and gratified lives. Being close to our roots automatically makes us feel at peace, and sets our mind in a state of solace. Our roots are what gave us life, straying far from them doesn’t do any good, it only harms us. 

For the sake of our mental and physical well-being and in order to restore balance to our psychological well-being, it’s better that we try to stick to our roots and appreciate them the way they deserve to be. Watch how your mind automatically feels at ease in the presence of nature and greenery. The roots of nature are the roots of humans, both are interdependent. Let’s take a step back and relive our roots. An easy approach to this is to spend time in farmhouses, built on rich farmland.

The perfect destination for this would be Greenlakes! Farmhouses and farmland engulfed in greenery and in the midst of natural elements. 

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