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3 Important Facts About Agriculture in Karnataka

Seasons for Agriculture in Karnataka

Agriculture In Karnataka Prevails Along A Yearly Basis. The Agricultural Seasons Extend From Month To Month, And Accommodate A Number Of Crops Within Them That Feed The Country On A Daily Basis. We’re Here To Give You 3 Facts About Agriculture In Karnataka!

in Karnataka over 3 seasons; Agriculture in Karnataka

(i) The Kharif Season prevails from April to September.

Within the Kharif Season, the crops that are grown are millets, paddy, maize, groundnut, sugarcane, red chillies, soya bean, cotton, rice, and also turmeric. During this period of Kharif production, extending from April to September, Karnataka proves to be the largest producer of rice amongst all the other states within the country. Rice is predominantly the most major food crop produced and down within Agriculture in Karnataka and sugarcane is the most produced cash crop within Agriculture in Karnataka.
Apart from these, the other cash crops harvested are a number of nuts, and also grapes. The North-Western region of Karnataka also produces black soil that duly promotes the growth of cotton, peanuts, and oil seeds.

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(ii) The Rabi Season prevails from October to December.
Under the Rabi production falls the growth of Wheat, Mustard, Barley, Sesame, and also Peas. It is popularly renowned as the harvest.

(iii) The Summer Season extends from January to March.

Organic Farming has begun within Agriculture in Karnataka. It aims to minimise chemical residue, and follow eco- friendly measures to sustain farming, whilst maintaining soil fertility.

Apart from Organic Farming, a number of schemes were also implemented within Karnataka for the overall acceleration of Agricultural Growth-

NFSM – National Food Security Mission

Soil Health Card Scheme

Kristi Bhagya

Rashtriya Krishi Vikasa Yojana

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